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2019: Friday 2nd – Sunday 11th August

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For 2018 we sprinkled a little magic around the field,  welcome a band with their heart at camp, ask each other “Wear in the World??”….and … and have a fiery wedding celebration! 


First Saturday disco: Saturday Night Magic!


  • Saturday Night Magic is our three track disco, so bring your magic themed songs. As for dress code, it’s anything from Tommy Cooper to Gandalf the grey – or something cleverer than that!


Monday live music: Desert Nomad Night!

Asif crop

  • On Live Music Monday we welcome Asif’s band, The Nomads, for a fantastic Desert Nomad Night! Lots of opportunities for your tribal moves and rhythms


Thursday disco: Wear in the World?


  • On Thursday we ask “Wear in the World?”. It’ll be world-music-disco-tastic! You can bring out that Kyrgyzstani national costume, or just stick a tea cup on your head and come as China!


Friday: Fire Show Wedding!


Alex and Josie are having a special wedding celebration on the Friday, followed by a foreshow spectacular! It’ll be spec-flipping-tacular!


And we’ll also have the first night informal welcome (who’s running the speed dating?), Open Mic, the Circle Crawl, the Ceilidh, I think there’s a Sweat Lodge for camp fire night, and the other japes that we know and love.


Book a place!

We may get full! Send your form in asap to hold a place.

Just click on the Book Tickets tab at the top of this page, put the dates in your diary, and book the time off work now!

And bring a friend!

Who do you know who’d love camp like we do? Send them the email, or direct them to this site. or we have a new poster. Just print a copy or send a copy.

This year’s ticket prices…
We’ve kept it frozen for 2018: £200 adult and £100 for under 18s, unless you take the 30% off for booking before the end of May making it £140 / £70 for a 10 day camping party! Yay!

Working at camp this year
For your convenience you can enquire using these special addresses:

healing@oxforddancecamp.org – Anna
workshops@oxforddancecamp.org – Rabhya
music@oxforddancecamp.org – Kate
creative@oxforddancecamp.org – Ju
bookings@oxforddanccamp.org – Emily
site@oxforddancecamp.org – Tony
cafe@oxforddancecamp.org – Simon
funforfeet@oxforddancecamp.org – Peter, for any other general enquiries.

The phone number for the site for the week is Jem’s: 07 7654 80625

Catching up and visitors
We love to catch up with you if you can’t make the camp, and sometimes you need something dropped off by your Dad, but at the same time it is a closed camp. We do our best to manage this, so please read our policy here. (It’s still the Wednesday, pretty much, running a bit later to 9pm).

Lunchtime Cafe
There will be a range of delicious lunches (we’re promised more variety than last year), from the slightly gourmet to the practical and affordable, and all of it ethical and groovy. We also have offers for making coffee!

A settled programme for 5-8pm

This has needed doing for a bit. We now have a set line up for the inbetweeny hours:

  • 5:00 – kids hot tub / choir
  • 6:00 – circle dance  (in the field on Wed to make room for sweat lodge)
  • 6:30 – kids disco (kids’ ceilidh on Friday)
  • 7:00 – dinner / relaxation
  • 8:00 – storytelling (not on Friday or Tuesday)

This year’s exec
The exec for 2018 is unchanged: Jem, Ros, Simon, Pete and Vanessa.

If you’d like to be on the exec in future years just offer to manage something. Ask any current or former management team members what’s involved.

So, forward this web address to your friends who you think would love it, book the time out, and get ready for a fun, fun week!

See you soon!

Jem and Ros and Simon and Peter and Nessa and Anna and Tony and Ju and Su and Emily and Giles and Kate and Nick and Rabhya and Bill and Rumi and Alex and Rosie and Sean and Joan and… *everyone else* x x x


More stuff…..

 Memories of the 2014 camp – Ziggy’s song – You fill my heart with gladness


And here is a reminder of Emilee’s documentary…

Since Jem can’t find out how to add this to the Dance Dictionary page, here’s an A-Z of dance video for you on the front page

If you have any feedback that you haven’t already let us know at camp, please email us or chat to someone on the management team. We are always interested to hear your views.

Meanwhile, if you have a Facebook account and want to stay in touch, please follow this link to our Group.

The Dance Camp Annual Cycle 

First Sunday in September – Wash Up Meeting to capture thoughts on improvements for next year, and look ahead.

First Sunday after January 2nd (e.g. 7th Jan 2018) –  Main Planning Meeting. Activity includes considering themed evening events.

March-ish – invitations to camp go out.

Last weekend in April – Site Day (perhaps), e.g. wood, making things and Catch Up Meeting.

End of May – early bird discount deadline.

Last weekend before camp (normally July) – Site Set-up Day.

First Friday in August (e.g. 3rd Aug 2018) – Camp Starts!




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